Wednesday, May 27, 2009

if you pray, HE WILL answer!!

This is not a story, but actual events that were not a coincidence as I believe ALL things are ordained and directed by His hand. However, if you don't pray and ask for things, how will you ever know when they are answered?

First I want you all to know that I pray for each of my children, but they probably would not like me to blog about the specific prayers I pray for I am sharing one specific prayer that will not cause them to cringe.

As you all know, Katie will be going to USC (Southern Cal) in August of this year. Since she committed to the school 2 years ago, I have been praying that God will be with her and He would provide a family out in CA that would be a Christain family that she could go to. Well, last Saturday when I was working my 2nd job at ULTA, a lady came to my register to check out. I asked if she wanted to fill out a beauty club card and she asked if she could fill it out for her daughter. I said, "Sure!". Well, I just happened to look at the card while she was filling out and noticed the city was Los Angeles. Hmmmm, I asked if her daughter lived in LA and this is how our conversation went.....

Lady>> yes
Me>>, wow!! my daughter is going out to LA to go to USC
Lady>> , my daughter just graduated from USC
Me>> wow!! That is amazing. Did she like it?

Lady>> Yes, she did.
Me>> how did YOU do with her being so far away?
Lady>> not good at all!! But you just have to pray alot for her and know that God will be with her.
Me>> I know. I have already been praying for her.
Lady>> Just remind her often to make wise choices.
Me>> I know. What did your daugher major in?
Lady>> Music
Lady>> What is your daughers name?
Me>> Katie
Lady>> Since my daughter is now graduated, I would like to pray for your daughter every day while she is USC. I know how to pray for her and for you. What is her last name?
Me>> **choking back the lump that has formed in my throat** T-tate.
Lady>> I will pray for Katie Tate everyday while she is USC.
Me>> Thank you sooooo much!!! Maam, you will have to excuse me because I have to cry and I have to turn my back because of all the people here in the store.

That was the end of the conversation. I did compose myself and finished out my work day at ULTA. That night in bed as I reviewing the events in my head and heart, I was humbled that the Great God of the universe cares enough for me to send that lady to tell me that He is starting to form Katies "family-away-from-the-family", her college family. I got to thinking that my limited vision of a family (in a house) is too confining to God. He showed me that the family He will have for her extends beyond walls and boundries. And He let me meet her, too :D !!! AWESOME!! Then as I was laying there in bed, I thought of the verse that tells us that sometimes we entertain angels unaware (that is very loosely translated) and I got to thinking, of course.....her daughter majored in MUSIC!!! I bet if I had asked what instrument she played it would have been the Harp!!!

Dear Heavenly Father:
Thank You so much for caring enough for Katie that You allowed me to see a small portion of Your answer to my prayers. But it was HUGE to me. I hope that this blog reflects in a small way the wonder of Your LOVE for us, and encourages others to pray, trust You and look for Your answers along our life way and to give You back the glory You deserve. You are so wonderful and I humbly say thank You again, Heavenly Father. Continue to protect Katie, guide her and send people in her life that will encourage her to walk in manner worthy of You.

if you would like to help me pray for Katie when she comes to your mind, let me know. Thank you !! :D

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  1. Not only will I be praying for her, but I will be nearby for her to visit anytime she wants!!!