Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She Can Never Say Goodbye

I am back blogging earlier than I thought I would.

But I read something on my niece's blog, Summer, http://www.lemusingsofmoi.com/, that caused me to shudder.

Life without my Hairdresser?

May it NEVER be!!! But you must understand that my hairdresser is like no other. She is awesome with color (not just with one color but 3), cutting to suit the face and the never ending changing of hair styles . She is soooo funny and she always has funny stories, she listens, she understands. She has great style in clothing, make up and I love seeing what great thing she has done to her hair. She makes it possible for me to go out into public with
my head held high.

Her place I GET to go to every 6 weeks.

So what would happen IF she should leave? I think this picture says
it all and it would not be a pretty sight....for anybody.

Friday, March 27, 2009

18 Years Ago.....

.......I gave birth to my last baby. Today she turns 18!!! It made me think back to the event of giving birth and how wonderful ..... painful ..... and scary it all was. I really have nothing great to blog about, just the fact that time goes so quickly. My other two are already out of the house, now the youngest will be leaving in a few months. A chapter in my life is ending, but just as one ends another chapter begins. I loved being pregnant, birthing, and nursing. I love the opportunity in being a mother. Now, I look forward to the new chapter in the book of my life to begin. I don't know what it will hold, so I will read carefully, turn pages gently and do my best to end well.

To the 3 Best Children In The World
Thank you for teaching me about love, a mother's love, that only can be expressed by the heart, the tears, the smiles and the never ending prayers.

The incredible set of hips I now have. I have the pleasure (?) of carrying THEM with me forever, the obvious tattoo of birthing.

18 years ago.....I closed the book on giving birth, but the other doors it has opened up to me as a person have been an incredible blessing.